Its time for Warrior Woman Extraordinaire, Morgan, to find her own HEA. She maybe former Navy Intel, have completed BUDS training (but not allowed to join cos she has the “wrong equipment”) but Morgan still comes across as a woman I can relate to. She is sassy, fearless, intelligent and even under that tough girl facade, vulnerable. The men she works with know she has their back in a fight and their womenfolk lover her to bits.


But on the dating front she has not been so lucky. She is a serial first dater and she admits that she generally scares off guys with her abilities. She may be jealous that her friends are finding love, even McGrumpypants Logan, but not even on fear of torture would she admit it to herself!

Zach James is not what she is expecting. As a Colleague of Dec, Cal and Darcy’s father, she expected a well groomed, older academic. Not a hard bodied, sex on a stick, Indiana Jones type! When she outwits him whilst testing the security for one of his artefacts, Zach hires THS to protect a Marine dig he has in the pipeline. But can he survive his attraction to Morgan as they try to keep their scorching chemistry strictly professional? Will Silk Road once again cause murder and mayhem to follow in their footsteps?

I am so loving this series, meshes my love for Indiana Jones and Spy movies with scorching romance so well! The characters are all very different even though sharing a love of archaeology and/or history. The girls don’t simper and the boys are Alpha to the core but without the overbearing cockiness (which is a real fine art!) . The timeline zips by, adding to the tense plot and the banter as usual is just so family-like between the crew and between Morgan and Zach it remains very Hepburn-Tracy like which I love. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

I enjoyed this book so much, I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy.