Jocelyn Blackmane is used to being in charge. But her never-ending one night stands are getting old and she is finding it harder to just see Ryan as her Beta and not as a potential partner – in bed and out. But as a rare Alpha female, she can’t have children and she doesn’t want to curtail Ryan, who even as a Beta is a stronger than average wolf and will most likely want to have cubs.


Ryan is frustrated and lonely. He has slowly fallen for his alpha over the last decade and just can’t seem to make the move that could end with her in his bed! But when they are both called away to snowy Scandinavia to draught repairs to the Dragon Shifters castle, he realises that this just might be his chance.

A quick, steamy, Valentine’s themed story in the Alma Venus world. Jocelyn is strong and capable but she can let her guard down with Ryan and she doesn’t feel vulnerable and he won’t overstep the line – he knows who is boss!!!