Madison and her very tangled life is back! Levi is still trying to get back into her good graces, Mal is temptation personified and her kids…well they all have their own gifts manifesting now and Madison isn’t sure if she likes the fact that her children are just like her!!!


As more of gangs past unravels we see how they were trained by Michael et al and try to understand just what they were being trained for. A quick trip to the town where she reappeared, the mystery just grows and now she is babysitting some artefact that seems to be a resurrection totem! Madison’s woes continues when she realises all is not well with her mum.

This is a brilliantly written and witty world. Nothing runs smoothly for our intrepid heroine and she does seem genuinely torn by the men in her life. I was almost heartsick at one point where little Jack was targeted but it really highlighted the threat they were all living under. Can’t wait to see what develops next.

Go #TeamMalcolm!

I read an advanced reader copy and voluntarily leave this review.