Flora and Max are back! Another fantastic trip into the Blood Courtesans world with a healthy heap of Scottish flair!!!


Flora is still a newbie at the vampire life. She forgets her own strength, her senses and emotions can get away from her. But one thing keeps her centred, her devotion to Max. But whilst in New York they get a horrific call from his staff back in Scotland. Flora’s former pack are encroaching on his lands and they have now left a trail of dead bodies!

On their return to Scotland, Flora realises that the gruesome finds were meant to rattle her and they succeeded! Her blood is boiling at the thought of revenge but can Max keep her safe whilst her heart calls for blood??

I love the whole Blood Courtesans series but Flora is my favourite (yes because she’s Scottish – I’ll admit I’m biased!!!) I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my threat several times. I also felt my own bloodlust creeping in anytime Donald was mentioned!!!

I’m glad that Flora was given some closure at the way her former pack had treated her. Max was so good at keeping her check and not letting her fly off the handle. Kind of sad now that she and Max have got an Eternally Happy Ever After…what happens now!!! Kick butt characters, tight snappy storyline and romance to scorch your eyeballs!!!