What a start to a fab new series! Dragons of all kinds abound, along with some other magical types. These Guardians, all shifters in line with whatever sign of the Zodiac is theirs. They were created to contain the threat of werewolves and so far they have been doing a grand job.


Grace has a lot on her plate. A low paid job, a cute kid and a slimeball ex. When her lemon of a car gives up again, she meets Daire, who is anew mechanic at the garage. They realise that they are also neighbours. Daire is going to have to be real careful not to give away his dragon self! He lost his family once and now works for his goddess as repayment for bringing them back to life. Can he give up this new chance of happiness with Grace or satisfy his need to repay his debt.

A brilliant mix of sweet and spicy. Graces son almost steals the show , he is soooo cute. Daire is alpha and vulnerable all at the same time and Grace has this hidden core of steel. I cannot wait to see what happens next!!!