This was at turns, sweet, steamy and suspenseful. The setup of Cole have to act “gay” to save his sisters job was quite funny, cos he is clearly Alpha male to the core with a health love of the female form! Alex has way too much on her plate for one person to deal with, She has been mugged, moved, trying to find a new job/apartment/manager and then to top it off she has off the charts chemistry with her brothers best friend, who it turns out is gay.


I loved they way that love doesn’t run smoothly for these two, with all the hiding Cole’s secret, Alex dealing with some creepy, possessive love interests, etc. There is liberal humour interlaced and it made for fast reading. My only gripe was it just ended…what happens next! I hate cliffies! I know they ending kind of resolved our main characters storyline but there are still loose ends! Gimme the rest pls!!!!