Piper is a PI and is used to dealing with strange and downright weird things. But when a case in Egypt goes sideways, she starts to believe she has been cursed. Everywhere she goes people are dropping like flies and she is terrified. She concludes that when the worst thing in the world is happening to you, you get the baddest thing you know of to protect you…vampires!


She finally meets a vampires who helps the police on their more..odd cases. Sebastian arrives like a whirlwind in her life and has an overwhelming need to protect Piper. But things are not going to be plain sailing for this couple. One word – Gargoyles!!! They are a novel insertion in the Blood Courtesans world and there are lots of twists and turns, maniacal mothers, screwball and possibly psychotic sisters and frustrated love!

Piper may have been destined for what her family deemed she would but Piper is fighting tooth and nail for Sebastian and her HEA!!! Wonderful read and can’t wait for more!