Oh this is a refreshing take on the PNR genre! Kendall Madison Yates is normal – she has ignored her otherworld abilities for most of her adult life. She is a wife and mother and nothing hinky happens in her world. Until a ghost crashes a PTA meeting and suddenly she is being classed as a drunk, a cook and possibly a menace to society.


No divorced from her first love Levi and with 3 children to support, she decided to go back to the one thing she was good at – clearing ghosts. But in doing so she unleashes all manner of weirdness onto her formerly orderly life!

Malcolm is her new broker but clearly he knows more than he is telling and she is clearly drawn to him. Then there is Chase warning her away from the mysterious Malcolm. Best friend Victoria is always her cheerleader and but clearly not on the get-back-with Levi train!

What ensues is a mix of madcap antics, mysterious missing period of times, alternate lives and frustrated love! I love the love triangle that forms and the platonic relationship with Chase which could have been more if he’s been quicker off the mark. I love Kendalls; children who appear to have inherited her otherworld gifts and deal with them all in their own way. I’m totally Team Malcolm!!!