Kennedy is back in town and ready to face the man she left behind – Gunn. She ran when they got engaged, fearful of the strong feelings that she felt for him. But working undercover to find a cure for the addiction that Azurites get when they consume female human energy, she has come a little too close to the sharp end of the trouble and Audrey has pulled her back to town.


Gunn has always been at a loss as to why Kennedy ran. Now she is back and Audrey wants them to not only rekindle their love but go back to Kennedys new hometown and rescue another possible female in distress..and Echo’s bride!!!

Oh these Quatzian boys are easy on the eyes and tuggers of the heart strings. They may be big, buff and aloha to the core but they have a well hidden sensitive side! Gunn may have turned into a bit of a manho but you can get why he acts that way. Kennedy does eventually explain why she fled and again you can see how she might have felt overwhelmed…but why didn’t she talk to him!!!

Love this series and can’t wait to see what lies in store for Echo