Hauke is from Aukrabah. He is essentially a Merman on steroids! He has fangs and a venom which he can use when he needs to defend himself. After a mission with others, on the surface, goes wrong, he ends up captured and taken to a lab.

Abbie is a doctor and former researcher at the lab. When her dad starts acting strangely she follows him to the lab and finds Hauke, who is about to get shipped off to Area 51. She can’t abide the thought of allowing someone, even someone who is clearly not human, be treated that way and helps Hauke escape. What follows is the story of their escape, love story and eventual journey to the “safety” of Aukrabah. This runs concurrently with the story that the venom Hauke and his kind secretes has been transmitted to the humans and there is now a deadly epidemic sweepings the USA.

There are twists and turns and a back story that our hero/ine are not the strangers they first assume each other to be. Family dysfunction and secrets are rife and it was novel that not everything ends with there being one big happy family. Dissension is still apparent and you also get a glimpse at the other possible stories to evolve in this world incl Hauke’s sister Naura and Abbie’s less than stable ex-CIA agent uncle, Tony. Sci-fi, PNR and romance all wind together cleverly in this story.