Oh dear, talk about miscommunication, secrets and family dysfunction!


Ralph has known Connie was his mate since she was a teenager. But when he tried to help her father out of sticky situation, he ended up coming off as the bad guy when the truth didn’t come out. Fast forward a few years and Connie still believes Ralph conned her father out of his restaurant and used her as a pawn to get it. But when her best friend and his brother are getting married, she is forced to work with him. But Ralph has had enough. He almost lost her in the fire and he is not letting her get away again. But can he do it without letting her fathers dark secrets come to light?

Connie adapts to the whole “shifter” deal quite well when she finds out! Much better than I would. But she is not quite so quick to forgive Ralph. I loved their convoluted history and that they do eventually get their HEA! Ralph is a master in the kitchen but ties himself in knots when trying not to hurt his mate. Hugely enjoyed this series and I hope we’re back in this crazy town soon!