Katherine is a nurse but she ends up caring for children, who have been ravaged by vampires so they could have money for food. But when she is accused of stealing drugs. She gets an unexpected saviour in Roarke, after all she HATES vampires! She lost her family to them one way or another and she is not about to let one into her life!

Roarke is a very old and valiant vampire. As a former Templar he has very particular behaviour. He is doing best for the needy in the city by using his accrued wealth to help repair some of the damage his less noble vampires have wrought. But he has had his eye on Katherine far longer than she thinks and now is his chance to get closer to the prickly nurse.

Absolutely fantastic read. Showing that assumptions, miscommunication and preconceived ideas can wreck havoc on humans and vampires alike! Loved the passion that Roarke set alight in Katharine and they totally meshed in their joint desire to save their city.