I love this series of books and this little gem rates right up there. Flora is the put upon, abused and degraded daughter of a local Wolf Alpha. She can’t shift and he enjoys coming up with cruel taunts and punishments for her. She finally sees a way to flee by signing up to be a Blood Courtesan. And wouldn’t you know her luck, her Vamp is pretty much her new neighbour!

Maxwell Steele (previously Forbes) has returned to Scotland after centuries away to settle the estate of his long detested and now not so dearly departed father. He hated him for allowing the evil into their home which killed his mother and turned them into Vampires. His arrangement for feeding whilst at home has all been organised, but he never expected her to turn up at his door on a “borrowed” horse and fleeing like the hounds of hell are at her heels. Flora and Maxwell slowly bond over their time together, but will he throw her back to her pack once his business is concluded or will they have their HEA?

Flora and Max are a great couple. Flora is naive, virginal and spunky and has the mouth of a salty seadog! Max has forgotten what it means to be Scottish and it’s hilarious as he tried to weather Flora’s slang at rapidfire pace! Flora “beloved” father is a total nightmare on legs and lets just say that his fate is bloody, righteous and I must admit I was fair away with bloodlust myself when he meets his punishment.

The characters are full bodied and Graham and Isa may have little parts in the story but they are a really neat way of showing Max in another light, he wants no kowtowing and calling him Sir is a no no! Am I biased cos it’s set in Scotland and written by a Scots author – you bet your ar$e I am!!! I am LOL at the the thought of my foreign book friends trying to get their tongues around some of the slang in this book. We have lots of words for idiot, dirty and drunk and you’ll know more than a few Scottishisms by the end of this book!