Amelia thought all her problems would be solved by running from her family and the larger pack atmosphere of Willow Bend. After all they won’t miss a human from the pack. She is enraged and downright jealous that once again her headstrong sister has fell in the manure and came out smelling of roses! She was the one who harboured love of all things Wolf and now her sister is on!! But she didn’t get much of a break from pack politics – now she is the captive of seriously psychotic wolves. Maltreated and abused, she finally manages to escape with some help.


Mitch, said help, is an enforcer for the packs. A bit of a rolling stone, by nature and job description, he has hidey holes all over the country. When he and Amelia flee to his cabin, he never thought a snowstorm would delay their departure so long. But when tending her injuries he found several bite marks. Now the delay might be necessary – he has to make sure she survives the bites and doesn’t lost her sanity in the process!

Amelia is just so uptight and wonderfully self sacrificing. She totally boxed herself into her little world and then raved at the fact that her sister would not pigeon hole herself. You can feel for her thought, even though some of her world is very green tinged with envy. Mitch is just yummy goodness, and he completely makes Amelia his only priority. The Russians again are making lethal problems and it seems trying to make themselves some wolves with certain…strengths!

Whilst there is no installust/love, Amelia had just been through some serious trauma after all. There was certainly passion, understanding and real respect for the other, even when Amelia, through fear, completely leaps to some major assumptions. As her wolf reveals herself and her new role, Amelia reveals her self to be a totally self aware and in control female.

Totally drew me in!