Cady may be the Alpha’s Human Liaison, (think EA/PA) but she is also one of his best friends. She has kept her attraction to Nick, Beta and head of security at arms length. What’s the point in lusting after someone who treats you like a sister or worse as “just a human”?!


There are magical hijinks and mayhem afoot as more attempts are made on Alynna and there are some very funny, dysfunctional family ultimatums between the generations of Vrost men!!!

Nick struggles with fate at handing him a mate but a human and the pressure he faces from family.
Cady has her own problems with a mommy dearest. Cady and Nick really can’t help getting in the way of their own HEA but their chemistry, when they give into it, is enough to melt the ice caps!! My only grumble is that Cady did not let Nick grovel for long enough!!!