Chosen was a different read for me. I usually like straight up paranormal romances, which this is, but with a liberal dose of apocalypse.

Jessica is a Postgrad and a pretty average girl. A new disease strikes quickly and indiscriminately in the world and Jessica quickly loses those she loves. She is guided by a voice in her head, hich comes to her in moments when she doubts herself or when she is about to walk into a dangerous situation. The “voice” also physically intercedes on occasion. She is led to an isolated house which is packed with the necessities. The story then evolves into a love story with the arrival of Jace.

I don’t want to tell too much more of the story line. Suffice to say this is a very atmospheric story, and I genuinely had hairs on end at parts. I loved the references to current TV shows which had a similar feel to the book, the Walking Dead for example.

Jessica is a strong, sympathetic but capable female lead. Jace is perfect as the mysterious stranger. Is he one of the good guys or bad guys?


This book takes up pretty much where the first book ended. Jessica has been left alone after Jace has been taken. A fellow Chosen is directed to her and together they leave in search of Jace and Natila, their beloveds.

I loved how we see how the remaining humans are coping after the Dying and that just because they are human does not make them humane!! Evil lurks in many forms and guises and there are lots of characters we meet during their time in the human encampment that I would love to get my hands on and inflict some justice of my own!!! Definitely the sign of a good book.

There is fear, sadness, loss of friends and lovers and the despair of being left behind. All around this was a fabulous book and I greatly enjoyed reading it. Well driven story and characters that are well developed and complex. An absolutely fab read!


The communities of Taos (Djinn and their chosen) and Los Alamos ( Survivors) are on track for all out war. When rogue Djinn attack Taos, Jessica is left with no choice but to activate the stregth sapping device Dr Odekirk had created. With their Djinn protectors at a disadvantage, plans are made to try and have the devices creator adapt the device so that those within the field are unaffected.

A select few make their way to Los Alamos and abduct Odekirk. With the help of Lauren he sets about adapting the device, as he has seen first hand the Commanders cruelty against Julie, one of his own people, and no longer wants anything to do with him. But when rogue Djinn break through a weakened field, Jessica faces a horrific choice. Will she give up her love for Jace to protect their community? Will the rogues succeed in removing the 1000 and their chosen from the planet?

Christine has created characters which are strong and earthy but that have also grown over the last 3 books. They have not stood still on their defined roles but have grown and adapted throughout the books. This is a romance where the heroine kicks as much ass as the hero, just in different ways. They are both willing to try all avenues to rescue their people . There are some plot twists and new characters. However I hope this is not the last we have seen of the Taos gang, I really want to know what happens with Julia and between Miles and Lauren!