Poor Varean! Because of his reaction to the Reidar stun gun, he has been abducted onto the Imojenna. He has been secured in their makeshift brig and the crew are doing their best to torture him as to why he is apparently human but takes hits from stunner! Kira, the crews doctor, does her best to temper their treatment of him, but with darkness mounting and their continued status as terrorists, there is only so much she can do. Varean knows he isn’t Reidar but much of his ancestry is unknown so what else could he be????


Whilst it’s easy to see why the crew are uneasy around him, it is also understandable that Varean isn’t going to instantly forgive and forget once they ‘fess up as to why he was brought on board. As his story and that of Kira’s backstory unfolds, we learn more of why Kira is on board and that the Imojenna crew may just have some well hidden but potentially very strong allies!

Rian continues to be his tortured self, denying himself the soothing abilities of Ella (What a man!!!) I love that he and Ella are so long drawn out over the books. He is so self loathing, carrying the weight of the universe on his shoulders, that if he got his HEA instantly I think I’d be disappointed!! We also face heartbreak at the loss of the crew but have they all been permanently lost? Will they be able to rejoin the crew at some future time? I really hope so cos this was one of my fave characters!!!

My one nit pick is Lianna. This girl is tres, tres hard to love. In fact I don’t even like her at the moment!!! I really hope she has some redeeming features soon cos I did find myself skipping bits where she was mentioned cos she was just so nasty!!!!! I get that she is Rians friend and crew and felt threatened when Varean came onboard but he wasn’t a bad guy and she is STILL Mrs ForstyBitchyPants!!!

Roll on book 4!!!