Only downgraded from a 5* because although stated it’s a standalone you really should read the earlier books because otherwise you will be reeling trying to sort out all the tangled webs!


Victoria Calvetti, former mob princess not therapist, has tried to run from her shady family but they keep coming back to haunt her. She did what she could to save her sister in law and nephew from her psychotic brother and his thugs, but it strained their relationship and she can’t really blame her for distancing herself from her foul family. But when she catches a glimpse of her “Uncle Manny” – think mob hitman, on the street, she gets summoned to give evidence and has her home tossed, she realises that once again being a Calvetti is ruining her life.

Sitting outside a sleazy club waiting to make contact with Manny, she can’t believe her eyes when she sees her old flame Blake. She abandoned him in college, trying to save him from being infected by her family. But when she makes a scene Blake steps into save her from herself!

Blake never really got over Victoria, even though he is now an undercover cop, not exactly a wise move to be crushing on a mob boss daughter! Victoria can’t and won’t get involved with shady characters again and does her best to resist Blake’s charms but before she knows it she is in his bed and part of his op!

This was a real nest of storylines with undercover cops, reunited love, strained family dynamics and a weirdly lovable cost of less than sterling characters! Blake is just uber sexy on a stick. Eddie is the affable uncle, who just happens to be former mob, Mick the staunch sidekick and Dez, well I’m not sure what to make of her yet! Victoria is oh so manipulative and scheming, she is a real piece of work but oddly vulnerable and fragile at the same time.

I would have loved a wee epilogue or something but it just kinda ended and I wanted something to tease me into the next book. But otherwise very well written and thought out story.