Rian and the misfit crew of the Imojenna are back. Labelled terrorists by the Reider insurgents within the IPC, Rian and the others are on the run. Tannin is now a firm part of the crew with his fiancee Zahli, Ella the preistess continues to jangle Rians nerves. He can feel that well of darkness within him rising but her mystical mumbo jumbo eases and at the same time riles him! They badly need some allies and after Tannin managed to hack a list of names, they are going to track down an old friend of Rian. But has he already been replaced?


Zander is one of the youngest Captain Admirals in the IPC. One of the crew previously sent to arrest Rian contained his old comrade Mae. He has asked her to infiltrate Zander’s crew to see if he has already been changed. But with multiple attempts being made to kill him Mae is pretty sure he is the real deal! AS the adventure continues the Imojenna takes on more crew and the continuing will they-won’t they between Zander and Mae and Rian and Ella has you on the seat of your pants!

Whilst clearly in the sci fi genre, there is enough “real life” in this to keep you grounded. The friendships and family vibes between the crew are superb. The bickering is just what you expect from those living in close quarters! The pace is fast but well directed and there are 3 POV, so you can see how the action is effecting all the main characters. With a handy little device that has been cooked up which can sort the humans from the Reidar, they are taking the fight to the frontlines!

With an eclectic collection of secondary characters including Rian and Zhali’s cousin, Qae, space pirate and all around mystery! Rian’s PTSD continues to make him so tortured and the continued sparks between him and Ella make their scenes combustible. Book 3 hurry up!!!!!