I am a sucker for all things Sci-Fi and always on the hunt for new authors so this was right up my alley! Thinks rag tag space rebels with more baggage than is healthy and add in sneaky alien invasions (a la Body Snatchers style) and you’ve got yourself a winner.


The Imojenna is a piece of space crap! It should have been junked years ago and is pretty much held together by hope! But former soldier, Captain Rian Sherron, has his own secretive reasons for holding onto the clunker. But when she decides she’s had enough, Rian and the crew have to land on a prison planet to effect some crucial repairs. But when they crew stretch their legs dirt side Rian is unaware that he’s leaving with more than a repaired ship!

Erebus is hell in space and Tannin has spent the last 12 years of his life incarcerated here. He is, unlike the other prisoner here, innocent and he’s been plotting a way to escape. When he comes across Rians sister in a bit of sticky situation, he comes to her rescue. But now is his chance to escape and he is taking it. Even if it does put the crew of the Imojenna in a sticky spot!

Zahli knew being helped by an inamte on Erebus would bite her in the butt, she didn’t expect this though. She and her brother are at loggerheads over the fate of Tannin and it doesn’t help that he’s bringing her girly bits online! But when their romance comes to light and Rian doesn’t hesitate in picking his neck Tech Analyst over his sister, he doesn’t realise that he may just have put a big old bullseye on her back!

I loved seeing the fledgling romance took root, hiding out from Rian and watching as the action, adventure and intrigue unfolds. Loves the backstory with the Reidar, which totally made my skin crawl! This space faring family of misfits has rocketed to the top of my love list!!!!