Valkyries and Vampires should be like plaid and polka dots – never seen together! But when Valkyrie Tove falls into a trap on the property Zane and his fellow fangers inhabit, she may just unleash more then her might warrior powers!


Zane is the rarest of vampires, born. He has more power than any bitten vampire of the same age would have. He also has a deep, dark secret that’s he’s not entirely sure off himself but he has a damn good idea what his mother was. He is enthralled by Tove and literally plucks out the eyes of one of his minions when he ogles just a little too much at her! But when her fellow Valkyries ride to her rescue will Tove be able to save Zane from their leader, or will he be able to pull off the impossible and survive meeting a Valkyrie?

OOOO deep dark mommy issues abound for Zane! I loved seeing Zane and Tove fall fast and hard. His comments when her “deformity” is unveiled by her cruel leader are so fuzzy and warm I just melted a wee bit more! There are some truly funny moments and I loved the big showdown! I want to meet more of the Valkyries!