OOOOOOh if Nick is who turns up when you’ve been a naughty girl then I am the naughtiest girl EVAH!!!!


All those books and storyies you’ve read where jolly old Saint Nick is a rotund, happy, bearded, figure – yeah not so much. Think 6ft plus of hard packed, short haired, tattooed bada$$! He is nursing a homicidal rage towards the man he holds responsible for his mortal wife’s murder, Jack Frost. But when information comes to him that his latest charge from the PPA is Jack’s daughter, Nick is all kinds of conflicted.

Joy is part pixie, part…something! She is sick to death of being traded like a pawn. When her less than loved hubby dies, she finally has a chance to take down his infested barrow and make a clean break. But she needs protection whilst she digs for dirt. Enter one tall, tattooed temptation! But when she realises that he harbours his own agenda, will she let him put a Kringle in her plans?

Joy and Nick are fun to watch as they circle each other, testing the chemistry between them. I loved getting to meet Dolph and the boys again and Nix is one quick butt daughter (she is named Nichola after all. We are all kick butt!!! LOL!) I thought Joy was a tad quick to forgive, I would have made him beg for forgiveness a bit longer…on his knees!

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.