Brandon Forte has made a success of himself. Once a teen with no clue, he joined the military and found his niche working with dogs. On his discharge he founded his own service dog training and rehab facility. His fellow trainers have found love but he feels his happily ever after slipped him by. Sophie has been his friend since childhood but her strict father told him he wasn’t good enough and Brandon felt he was right.


Sophie is now a safe and steady accountant, just like her family wanted. But she has zero passion for job. She dreams of opening her own B&B but scrambles to find the funding and the nerve to tell her family her dreams. But when a series of accidents, explosions and terrifying episodes assail her – she may revise her opinion that her life is boring. With Brandon and Haydn, a GSD who has attached himself to both It also brings hi humans, they go on the run from the bad guys.

Along the way they adopt a cat, carry out research for Sophie’s B&B and realise that that little spark they felt as teenagers has slowly banked into an inferno! They both fall over their own feet trying to do what’s best for the other, all whilst not actually finding out what the other wants! all intertwine into a fabulous thrill ride! Action, romance, twisty storyline and lovable characters Loved the intro of Sa, I’m really hoping that he’ll pop up elsewhere!!! Brilliant read!