Jacob Madden never returned to his family after Rumspringa. He chose to see the world with the Navy but in doing so he left his heart with Abigail. He knew she would never leave her family and he didn’t want to make her choose between him and them. But when he gets a call that his mother is terminally ill, he returns to town. He never imagined he’d find Abi working in the local diner, having left her family after all!

Abigail now regrets choosing her family over Jacob. Her fear of the unknown made her lose her heart and she has never settled for anyone else. When he runs into Jacob on his return she finds herself thrust amongst her old feelings for him and not sure what to do with them. He’s made it clear that once he sees his family he’s leaving again. Can her fragile heart take another beating?

This is a totally different feel from others in this Love Bros series. It has a very gentle and slow burn romance, given the strict religion that Abi has only recently disconnected from. But that said when she decides on her future she goes all guns blazing! Jacob is pretty good at beating himself up over the guilt he has at leaving Abi behind and finding his adventure without her but I loved that no matter what has happened in the interim, they both realise that each is what the others heart beats for!