Everson Brother’s are back and larger than life but with a very real grip on my heart!


Max and Jeanie are two peas in a pod. Max has returned to town after losing a female fire fighter under his care, the fact that she had been his girlfriend just made it that more horrific. Jeanie lost her husband and high school sweetheart in a car crash and she became a part time firefighter to help out the very people who saved her. But she carries a lot of survivor guilt and this new found lusting after her boss is not what she needs!

But when they are drawn closer together, they both realise that there is more than just a spark between them, but can they let go of the past enough to grab hold of what could be a wonderful future together?

Jeanie is such a strong woman and she copes when other women would crumble. She is still in a very male dominated profession and the comments by her co-workers hurt her greatly. Max is so stuck in the loop of regret and guilt over Tia that he might just ignore the warnings that someone seems to have followed him to town and they are not friendly! Wonderfully well written, characters how engage your heart and enough heat to make you steam!!