Holy Moly the Westervelt Wolves series has drawn to a close. What am I going to do!!!!!! Gabriel and Carrie are the final pairing for these much beleaguered wolves and I’m glad we are going out with a bang!!! Kendrick and his evil witch Drea return and plan their final assault on the island. But you will not see the big old switcheroonie coming. I loved that cos it was a final surprise and a fitting end to the final downfall of the previous Westervelt Alpha.


Gabriel has dealt with so much guilt and has isolated himself from his pack for so long, trying to keep them and his mate safe. Carrie has ensured more torture and hardship than one female should but endures in the hope of seeing her mate once more. This was kinda topsy turvy from the others because they were already mates before the events that caused madness on the island.

All my loose ends were tied up and I so enjoyed knowing that the pack was on its way to being healed and prospering. Wunderbar!!!