Aldair has been such a character I’ve loved to hate in previous books that I wasn’t sure if he could redeem himself! However as the story unfolded I felt myself thaw towards him. Was he a perfect angel? NO! But neither was he the complete pillock I’d labelled him previously!


Jillian has a lot to do with this redemption of Aldairs, although I also felt that whilst he may have been “forbidden fruit” to her, being a Djinn, I also felt hat her own emotions towards him were also forbidden, at least in her eyes, She fells such guilt at her husbands death and her own survival, your heart just bleeds for her!

I loved they way they were brought together and how he slowly finds himself doing stuff for no other reason than to please her. It was also fabulous that the other Djinn and their chosen don’t just accept him at his word and all is forgiven, it makes the ending that more believable. Great book and if you can read it all in one go!