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December 2016

Lost in Shadows (Lost #2) by Anita DeVito

Carolina Walker has lost her mother, is separated from her brother whilst he serves overseas, has an overbearing uncle, who also happens to be the sheriff, ad now she seems to have acquired a stalker! How the heck can this pretty much housebound woman have got a stalker! But when her home is broken into whilst talking with her brother via Skype, he sends in the Cavalry. Who just happens to be in the shape of his buddy, ex soldier/sheriff and newly minted security company owner, Jeb.


Jeb would do anything for a friend, including leaving his brothers wedding reception to race to the aid of a lone female. But when he arrives he meets the business end of rifle. Caroline may be terrified but she will go down fighting. After their misunderstanding is resolved, she grudgingly allows Jen to help. But with her family thinking she’s seeing things and no real reason apparent as to why she is being targeted, Jeb decides to stick around and see what he can uncover.

I loved this story of two damaged souls finding solace in the other. Jeb’s issues may not be apparent but they are just as real and tangible as Carolinas outward show of fear. Whilst there didn’t appear to be one big trauma that made her isolate herself, you could see how the accumulation of little things made her doubt herself and others. I enjoyed unravelling all the strings between the characters and meeting the unsinkable Emmaline along the way!

I’m hoping that Nate gets a book of his own as that man has more to say I’m sure. I really want to learn more about the others in Jeb’s team too…there has so be a story behind the Casanova! You will find yourself sniggering at Carolina and Katie’s treatment of a certain someone in the barn!!! Whilst there were characters you could easily hate for nothing more than the way their politics/beliefs grate against your own (see Millstone!) I found I still had a little love for some.

I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Unforgettable (Untouchables ) by Cindy Skagg

Only downgraded from a 5* because although stated it’s a standalone you really should read the earlier books because otherwise you will be reeling trying to sort out all the tangled webs!


Victoria Calvetti, former mob princess not therapist, has tried to run from her shady family but they keep coming back to haunt her. She did what she could to save her sister in law and nephew from her psychotic brother and his thugs, but it strained their relationship and she can’t really blame her for distancing herself from her foul family. But when she catches a glimpse of her “Uncle Manny” – think mob hitman, on the street, she gets summoned to give evidence and has her home tossed, she realises that once again being a Calvetti is ruining her life.

Sitting outside a sleazy club waiting to make contact with Manny, she can’t believe her eyes when she sees her old flame Blake. She abandoned him in college, trying to save him from being infected by her family. But when she makes a scene Blake steps into save her from herself!

Blake never really got over Victoria, even though he is now an undercover cop, not exactly a wise move to be crushing on a mob boss daughter! Victoria can’t and won’t get involved with shady characters again and does her best to resist Blake’s charms but before she knows it she is in his bed and part of his op!

This was a real nest of storylines with undercover cops, reunited love, strained family dynamics and a weirdly lovable cost of less than sterling characters! Blake is just uber sexy on a stick. Eddie is the affable uncle, who just happens to be former mob, Mick the staunch sidekick and Dez, well I’m not sure what to make of her yet! Victoria is oh so manipulative and scheming, she is a real piece of work but oddly vulnerable and fragile at the same time.

I would have loved a wee epilogue or something but it just kinda ended and I wanted something to tease me into the next book. But otherwise very well written and thought out story.

Shifting and Bewitching (Enchanted Shores #1) by Carrie de Croix & Truli Thorne

Oooh a new sweet, super cutie, PNR to get my teeth into!


Sadie Summer may have been abandoned as a child but she had a great guardian, who loved her as her own. Now living in the home they once shared together, she works in the local kids hair salon and also works for clients at the local senior centre. She may struggle to pay her bills and her plumber but she is pretty content with her life as is thank you very much. But when she has a weird run in with the ocean and then meets a tall, hunkalicous cutie life may be perking up!

Jake Serrano is a Bear Shifter and his family made money from fishing so why can’t they leave him be doing the thing he loves, fishing! He doesn’t want to be stuffed in a suit, dealing with numbers. But when his brother gets into an accident and Sadie inadvertently becomes his fiancee, it leads to a comedy of errors, magical mayhem and other shenanigans! But can he keep his rapidly building feelings for his brothers psuedo fiancee under wraps until things get straightened out??

Wonderfully whacky world, comical but lovable characters and a whole lot more! Great start to a new series and I can’t wait to see what mayhem unfurls next.

I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

A SEALs Vigilant Heart by Caitlyn O’Leary

OMG I am such a sucker for a gorgeous wedding!


Mason and Sophia finally get the wedding of their dreams, although not without a few little hiccups along the way. Let’s face it these boys do nothing the straight forward way!

Mason comes back from an op injured and is terrified at the way Sophia handles it. So much so he decides to resign from the teams. The boys keep telling him to just talk to her but typical bloke decides he knows what she wants best!

Sophias bachelorette party is a hoot and goes totally pear shaped, so much so reinforcements are sent along to save the day. When she finds letters written to her and to her brother Billy by their mum before her passing, my heart just broke for them.

With a dual POV we get to see the madness in both the bride and grooms heads! I cannot wait for the next instalment in this fantabulous series!!

Quantum by Jess Anastasi

Rian and the misfit crew of the Imojenna are back. Labelled terrorists by the Reider insurgents within the IPC, Rian and the others are on the run. Tannin is now a firm part of the crew with his fiancee Zahli, Ella the preistess continues to jangle Rians nerves. He can feel that well of darkness within him rising but her mystical mumbo jumbo eases and at the same time riles him! They badly need some allies and after Tannin managed to hack a list of names, they are going to track down an old friend of Rian. But has he already been replaced?


Zander is one of the youngest Captain Admirals in the IPC. One of the crew previously sent to arrest Rian contained his old comrade Mae. He has asked her to infiltrate Zander’s crew to see if he has already been changed. But with multiple attempts being made to kill him Mae is pretty sure he is the real deal! AS the adventure continues the Imojenna takes on more crew and the continuing will they-won’t they between Zander and Mae and Rian and Ella has you on the seat of your pants!

Whilst clearly in the sci fi genre, there is enough “real life” in this to keep you grounded. The friendships and family vibes between the crew are superb. The bickering is just what you expect from those living in close quarters! The pace is fast but well directed and there are 3 POV, so you can see how the action is effecting all the main characters. With a handy little device that has been cooked up which can sort the humans from the Reidar, they are taking the fight to the frontlines!

With an eclectic collection of secondary characters including Rian and Zhali’s cousin, Qae, space pirate and all around mystery! Rian’s PTSD continues to make him so tortured and the continued sparks between him and Ella make their scenes combustible. Book 3 hurry up!!!!!

Atrophy by Jess Anastasi

I am a sucker for all things Sci-Fi and always on the hunt for new authors so this was right up my alley! Thinks rag tag space rebels with more baggage than is healthy and add in sneaky alien invasions (a la Body Snatchers style) and you’ve got yourself a winner.


The Imojenna is a piece of space crap! It should have been junked years ago and is pretty much held together by hope! But former soldier, Captain Rian Sherron, has his own secretive reasons for holding onto the clunker. But when she decides she’s had enough, Rian and the crew have to land on a prison planet to effect some crucial repairs. But when they crew stretch their legs dirt side Rian is unaware that he’s leaving with more than a repaired ship!

Erebus is hell in space and Tannin has spent the last 12 years of his life incarcerated here. He is, unlike the other prisoner here, innocent and he’s been plotting a way to escape. When he comes across Rians sister in a bit of sticky situation, he comes to her rescue. But now is his chance to escape and he is taking it. Even if it does put the crew of the Imojenna in a sticky spot!

Zahli knew being helped by an inamte on Erebus would bite her in the butt, she didn’t expect this though. She and her brother are at loggerheads over the fate of Tannin and it doesn’t help that he’s bringing her girly bits online! But when their romance comes to light and Rian doesn’t hesitate in picking his neck Tech Analyst over his sister, he doesn’t realise that he may just have put a big old bullseye on her back!

I loved seeing the fledgling romance took root, hiding out from Rian and watching as the action, adventure and intrigue unfolds. Loves the backstory with the Reidar, which totally made my skin crawl! This space faring family of misfits has rocketed to the top of my love list!!!!

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Snowy Knights

10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romantic Rescue Stories


When the cold hits, only he can warm her…

This December, snuggle up with 10 BRAND NEW romantic rescue stories! From literal heroes in the snow, to the bad boy whose soul is saved by love. These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart.





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WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows

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SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott





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#12DaysofGiveaways Day 11: Lori King FROST-BITTEN


(Snowy Knights)

Dr. Quinn Jameson has secured his future by submerging himself in his career, but no amount of money in the world can ease his loneliness. Despite the fact that his inner polar bear is supposed to not need a pack, he finds himself craving more out of life, more contact, more intimacy, maybe even a mate.

Aubrey Celine is pregnant and on the run. This feisty tiger shifter thinks she is out of options when she wakes up in the hospital under the care of the delicious shifter. But after the horror she has gone through, can she trust another man? Even someone who seems so strong and caring?

In the midst of an epic blizzard, these two strangers must rely on each other to stay alive. The sizzling heat between them could melt the ice caps, but will it be enough to melt her frozen heart and give him the warm home he desires most?



The vehicle Dr. Jameson took her too was enormous, and clearly expensive. When she sat up on the gurney with the plan to get up, he barked a sharp No at her.

“You’ve barely got enough on to keep you decent. Let me help.” He instructed, wrapping the thing hospital blanket around her waist and then lifting her as if she didn’t weigh an ounce. She’d forgotten that she was only wearing a hospital gown and panties, but she was grateful that he’d remembered.

His arms felt like thick bands of iron as they held her confidently, muscles flexing with ease. Instinctively she looped her own arms loosely around his neck to keep from falling, and he snorted.

“I won’t drop you if that’s what you’re thinking.”

She felt her cheeks heat, “Oh, no, it’s just…I’ve never been carried before.”

The handsome doctor gave her a thoughtful look before settling her on the plush leather seat. “That’s a damn shame.” He murmured, helping her adjust the blankets around her for warmth and modesty.

Aubrey wasn’t sure what the proper response to his statement would be, so she just stayed quiet. He secured the door, and climbed into the driver’s seat, pulling his cell phone free from his scrubs.

“I need to check in with Kasey…er…Nurse Summers, and make sure everything inside is managed. I was technically supposed to be off the clock forty five minutes ago, so no one should be concerned that I’m gone, but that man of yours is probably freaking the fuck out.”

“He’s not my man.” She hissed, her tiger rushing to the forefront. The only thing stopping her from shifting was her current state of pregnancy. While woman and tiger were generally one and the same being, during the late months of pregnancy the human side of a shifter took over to protect the infant. Her tiger ached to be free, but would never risk harming its offspring. “He’s a heinous beast who seduced me and got me pregnant.”

Dr. Jameson narrowed his eyes at her in the rear view mirror for a moment before he began speaking into his phone. His responses were short and sharp, and within seconds he’d hung up and tossed his phone into the passenger seat.

“All set. Your friend is currently searching the neighborhood for his runaway fiancée, as he believes you went AWOL against medical advice.” he explained as started the ignition. “Stay down a little longer if you don’t want to be spotted.”

Aubrey did as she was told, hunching down on the buttery soft bench seat with only the car’s luxurious interior and one delicious smelling man to look at. Trapped in this enclosed space with Dr. Jameson, she became keenly aware of her body’s attraction to him. Damn hormones.

“It’s normal.” He murmured.

“I’m sorry?”

“The arousal. It’s normal during pregnancy. Your hormones are a bit chaotic.” He glanced over at her and Aubrey felt her face heat up. “I just didn’t want you to be embarrassed about it.”

“Well you majorly failed at that, Doc.” She grumbled.

“My name is Quinn. Considering I just helped you escape a dastardly villain, I think we should be on first name terms.”

Several more minutes passed before he spoke again.

“We just crossed the river, so you should be okay to sit up now.” He instructed, turning the car off the main road.

Aubrey struggled to get her bearings in an unfamiliar part of the city. “Where are we going?”

“My house.” He looked her way again and shifted the gears flawlessly, “Unless you have another destination in mind?”

“I didn’t have any destination in mind. I just had to get out. Honestly, I didn’t even pause to consider the risk of leaving when I saw my opening. I just ran.” Her voice cracked and she swallowed the lump in her throat. She had no idea where the streak of fearlessness had come from. Alex had been threatening her the entire time he’d held her captive, and until the moment she’d noticed the lock wasn’t secured, she’d never even seriously considered making an escape attempt.

“I know who you’re running from, but what I don’t understand is why? What did this guy, Alex, do to you?”

“He kidnapped me.”


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#12DaysofGiveaways Day 10: Lizabeth Scott SNOW-KISSED


(Snowy Knights)

Reed Hamilton, a home restoration expert, is more comfortable in her steel-toed boots than teetering on heels at a shopping mall. Relationships she usually kills from neglect so she’s taken herself off the market. An unexpected assignment to evaluate a potential project in upstate New York has Reed leaving the Victorian she’s working on to meet with the client. A client she discovers spooning her from behind when she wakes up in his bed! Reed finds Mason charming, tempting and hot!

An early snowstorm dumps an irresistible woman at Mason Tate’s door. As beautiful and enticing as he finds her, career focused Mason doesn’t do entanglements of any type. So he proposed that while snow falls outside, they make their own heat inside and then go their separate ways with only pleasant memories of their time together. No emotions, just a good time.

At least that was the plan. Until that kiss.



Oh, my gosh, what have I just agreed to? Reed fell back on their makeshift bed by the fire while waiting on Mason to finish in the bathroom. She smashed her palm on her forehead. What had she been thinking? Mason’s kiss had robbed her of both reason and logic. She’d never done anything so stupid or exciting, and with a man that she found charming, funny, and dangerously gorgeous.

She had to keep reminding herself that this was only a hookup. Why else would a man like Mason be interested in anything else but a fling with a girl who was the exact opposite of anyone he’d ever met before?

Maybe she should put her sweater back on? She’d undressed down to her bra and panties when she’d finished in the bathroom. But maybe that was too forward. Should she have waited and let him undress her? Didn’t men like to do that? She sat up and reached for her clothes she’d tossed hastily on the couch. Her hand stopped. No, Mason was experienced at this. He’d expect her to already be undressed. Wouldn’t he?

She flopped back on the quilts and groaned. Who was she kidding?

She pursed her lips and shook her head. No, she couldn’t do it. How could she sleep with a man she’d known for less than two days? She was crazy to even entertain the idea!

That kiss had left her feeling like she’d been on the ‘Tilt-A-Whirl’ at the fair. And so what if she’d never felt anything even remotely close with anyone else? She wasn’t a worldly type of woman.

When he came back, she’d simply tell him she’d changed her mind, come to her senses, really. He would understand. No problem. Reed turned her head at the sound of the bathroom door closing, the words to stop things between them from going any further on the tip of her tongue.

“Ma…” she began and then swallowed the rest. Whoa, she thought as he walked toward her. There was no way she was turning that down.

Wearing only a pair of tight black boxers, Mason came into view from the darkened hallway, and Reed was sure she heard Pony by Ginuwine playing in the background as he came nearer. She blinked and stopped breathing. The muscles of his thighs bulged, stretching the fabric of each leg. Her gaze moved a few inches higher; her eyes opened wide and then narrowed, zeroing in closer. Not a single inch was left to the imagination. He seemed to grow and hardened even more as she stared, helplessly hypnotized by the moment. When he came nearer, her eyes started their leisurely journey upward. His muscles were so close, her hand itched to reach out and touch each ripple on his tight, defined, and sculptured-to-perfection chest. She gulped and ran her tongue over bone dry lips.

Reed felt her body’s heat rise right along with her gaze. He was every fantasy she’d ever dreamed about; her body recognized him in an elemental way and reacted without her consent. She locked onto his brown eyes, his pupils smoldering as he turned the lamp by the couch off and moved closer. Firelight played over the ridges of muscles on his chest. She held her breath as he crawled under the covers. Their eyes met and she felt the deep scrutiny of his gaze.

He paused and a frown appeared on his handsome face. “Are you having second thoughts?”

The soundtrack in her head came to a screeching halt. Reed couldn’t believe Mason had picked up on her concerns so easily. “N…no,” she stammered and shook her head a bit too fast, making herself dizzy. Or it could have been his scent, a little bit musky and a dash of Irish Spring. “Are you?” she asked, not one-hundred-percent sure she wasn’t crazy for even thinking she didn’t want what Mason offered her.

A slow grin appeared. “You’re not a very good poker player, are you?”

If she was so bad, why did her brothers always want her to play with them? Yeah, she stunk. She’d figured out years ago, when she always left with her pockets empty, that the reason they let her play wasn’t because of her mad skills. “I’ve been told that a time or two, but what does poker have to do with this?”

Mason’s brow rose and he gave her a point-blank look. “Tell me what you’re thinking, Reed. Honestly.”

Her eyes ran over his chest again, and her mouth watered to put her lips on him. She wondered—if he could blow her mind with just a kiss, what would more feel like? She did want him, but deep down, she knew she didn’t feel comfortable enough to actually do the deed. So honesty won out. Damn it! “I know what we agreed on.” And this is when her hands became involved, gesturing wildly with each word. “It’s just I’ve never…I mean, I have done that. Of course, I’ve done that. A lot. No. Not that much. That’s not what I mean. I haven’t…” Reed became more frustrated the more she tried to explain and bombed at getting her message across.

Mason’s lips twitched as he tried not to laugh. He sat up and took her hand in his, helping her to sit up, and they both leaned back against the couch. “Reed, stop babbling. Let me see if I can help you.”

Reed didn’t miss the way his eyes darkened as they took in her bra and panties. She pulled the top quilt over her; she should have left her sweater on. She sighed and slumped back against her pillows. “I wish you would.” Mason didn’t turn her hand loose. Instead, he made tiny circles with his thumb on her wrist. Her stomach clenched, and again, she wondered about her sanity.


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