This is one of my favourite series and is a wonderful blend of mythology, PNR and romance. It plays on my little historian heartstrings and I love it when I know the myths, and characters involved. Iora and Alder are a wonderfully written couple and the whole story is vibrant and just invades your mind! Save yourself an hour or two and read it in one fell swoop, cos you will not be able to out it down.


Iora is certainly an alpha female! She is strong minded, independent and hates asking anyone for help. Alder just slipped right into my heart! He is just such a doll and you just feel for him as he has always been an outsider looking in, even when he was best friends with a prince! He is loyal to a fault, even sometimes when that person does necessarily deserve that loyalty.

Sad to say au revoir to this world, but hoping its not long till we’re back!