A wonderful heart-tugging story of veterans making a new life for themselves, whilst still dealing with the various challenges they have brought with them from their former life.


Stone, his brother Brick and two other friends bought his grandfather’s ranch to give returning veterans a place to decompress, learn some skills and generally rehab back to “normal” life. They are already filling up and he needs every penny he can get to get work done around the place and increase the amount of places he can offer. His libido is waaaay down his list of priorities but then he meets a new tenant at one of his properties, and he’s full steam ahead!

Jovy is determined to make her new business a success. Her grandfather is making her work for her place at the head of their large company and has given Jovy and her cousin impossible missions. She has to open a vegan restaurant in Cowboy Central, Texas! She never planned on a sexy as sin landlord, with a hard to crack exterior, covering a wonderfully caring man.

This is a superb written story dealing with veterans, their war scarred bodies and emotional problems in a forthright way. But there is a great vein of comedy to lighten the serious tone, Lula-Belle almost steal the show from the main characters!! Jovy is a girl after my own heart and organises Stone and his business in quick time. There was such a warmth and connection between the characters, making it all the more believable. I can’t wait to see what happens with Brick and the other boys and I’m loving this little towns acceptance of the many problems the ranch residents suffer from.