This is just up my alley, PNR, Dragons and set in Scotland (Well I am a proud Scot)!!!


Queen Elizabeth may have killed off the dragons of Scotland and their mates, but as everyone knows Scots are a hardy bunch and you can’t keep us down for long!!

When an Abbess, Alana, is informed that a dragon has been sighted, she knows danger is not far behind. She valiantly tried to fight off the mighty, red beast but he still manages to make off with her!

Lord Kendrick, aforementioned red beastie, proclaims Alana to be is bride but before he can consummate his claim, he is summoned by Queen Bess. Alana finds solace with a fellow Scot in the household, James. But when they embark on a hunt for a spell book to free them from Lord Kendrick, Alana literally gets burned!!!

I always worry when a non Scot writes Scottish characters cos they tend to come out as anything but Scottish in their dialogue. It was great that dragons were themselves having a kind of civil war and that I could really get my teeth into the bad guy!