Shifter War is about to break out and Bria is about to be sucked into a world she could never have imagined!!!


Bria Lane may be a young professor but her university isn’t exactly Harvard and her employment is more about sexual equality than any real academic prowess on her part. That’s not to say she is not up to the challenge, but with parents like hers, you get why even being the 2nd Stephen Hawking was never going to be good enough for them! Add in that her newest grant is to look for Shifters and there is no way she wouldn’t have been laughed out of the office. She had a close encounter with shifters in Deep Creek when she was a child and she knows that they’ll be able to boost her profile in Academia.

Derek Poole is one of the Park Rangers and a woodworker extraordinaire but he’s not in the market for a mate just yet. Yeah will fate has decided otherwise! Bria is a handful and trying to keep her out of harms way when war looms is a full time job on its own!! Add in keeping his shifter status from her from fear she’ll turn his people into lab rats and Derek is suffering with major mixed feelings towards his mate.

Bria and Derek are a wonderfully balanced pair. And whilst they each have various excuses for hiding the truth from the other, I do think they were as bad at hiding secrets as each other. Bria hates liars but that’s just what she did when she filled in her sabbatical application. Derek at least is trying to protect Bria and his people! Otherwise they were wonderful together and the easy friendship/romance they have was beautifully written. I loved the backstory that weaves them together.

The lions are led by Max and the odious twins, Mason and Marcus and I’m dying to see them get their comeuppance! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!