Maria is a Dhampir and cossetted by her family. She may be 5ft and weighs the same as a wet kitten but she has feistyness in spades and she will kick Rogue butt to avenge her sisters death. But when a Rogue gets the jump on her and she is saved by a tall, dark piece of yumminess she never expected her life to get quite so complicated!


Marak may be king but the Elders are breathing down his neck to mate and produce little vamps! He has no intention of picking the bimbo they want to foist onto him. He’ll pick his own bride thank you. But when he goes to the aid of a human who has plainly bitten off more than she can chew, he never expected to have the possessive feelings that have cropped up!

Superb! Snappy writing, great characters and so much yumminess in the bedroom (and other places!!)