Rex Kane is a tortured hero! He feels that he has been labelled as a traitor by his family. He has had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he feels that nabbing the family a witch is his only shot at redemption!


Liz Willow has been cursed and is like a modern day Cinderella to her two nasty twin sister owners. Her family is on the line and she will do whatever she has to to ensure their safety. She may look so horrendous on the outside that no-one can look her in the eye but so far she has met 2 wolves who can..and do!! Rex is way out of her league but she can’t help from falling for him. But will he want her when the treachery has been brought to light???

Liz and Rex have been beautifully written. Rex sees beyond her outward appearance to her core, seeing the gentle soul that Liz is. Liz can also see through Rex’ hard shell to see how hurt he is that his family think he could hurt them willingly. Some loose ends are tied up but more are unravelling and I’m dying to know what happens next.