614-4nsuxnlDragon Baby – Milly Taiden

Holy Hot stuff!! An older heroine whose biological clock is a ticking and the wonderful Thane who is in a tizz cos he really doesn’t really know what he wants but when his newly formed family is in danger he’ll do anything to protect them!!

The Christmas Spirit by Gen GĂ©ricault

Beckett is an inquisitive little cub and he wanders off one night, just before Christmas, when he is enticed by a ghostly lady. Hazel is a White Witch and shifter rescuer. When she comes across an ad selling a baby bear, she rides to the rescue. When she returns the little guy to his family, she does not expect to meet her beloved, or that he would be so fearful of her magic!

Hudson is a remarkable alpha bear but so emotionally vulnerable! He is reeling with the realisation that not only is mate a witch, but also half CAT shifter and he doesn’t really know how to react and so proceeds to out his massive foot in his mouth!

Hudson and Haz are a power couple and I can’t see what will happen with them and the rest of the Sleuth in the future!

My Wound To Bear by Olivia Arran

Jack is a Doctor for shifters and the random humans who live in his small town. He loves his small town but he loves Gina more. But after her treatment at the hands of rogue shifters incl abuse and an almost forced mating, she is running scared.

Gina is a human and with her daughter Lizzie lives in their small house and flies below the radar. When she is suckered into helping out at Jacks surgery by doing a first aid course she can no longer dodge her attraction to Jack.

Jack is oh so careful with Gina’s fragile emotional hold and he just embraces Lizzie as his! He is the epitome of a family man and just wants his mate to realise what she means to him! Absolutely brilliantly written and can’t wait for more!