Blood Courtesans is back! Anya has been brought up believing that all vamps are evil. Her sister, Abigail, disappeared 8 months ago to be a Blood Courtesan and Anya is on a mission to track her. Pity she lands in some trouble and has to be rescued by the thing she hates most…a vamp!!


Cam isn’t just any vamp, he’s supposed to be in charge, pity Hollis won’t seem to accept that and wants Cam’s position!! He loves Anya’s spunky attitude and decides to help her, even though it’s the last thing she wants.

Anya finds the truth on a lot of family secrets and is also reunited with her sister. She and Cam most definitely try to deny any attraction between them, even when it is blatantly obvious! There are great snappy, witty dialogues and wonderfully warm characters!