Sev AKA Blaze is sane and sensible compared to his brother and cousin. He is levelheaded and responsible and no way is he marrying an Earthling! He’ll seem them safely off the rock that is Earth and be happy to get back to his Ash Mines. But Cynthia keeps popping up wherever he is and he is drawn to her but he is leaving and she has no clue he is an alien.


Cynthia needs to land Sev for her shadowy bosses. Just why do they need him – testing and experimenting are high possibilities but she is stuck if she can’t go through with it. They’ll withdraw her meds and she’ll be outed to the world as …not quite all human!

Sev and the boys are comic relief in a hot package! They are big kids let loose on the world and I loved seeing Earth through their eyes. They are sweet, naive and alpha all at the same time! I have enjoyed this wee foray into this Dragon Lords adjacent world.