Regan has been newly released from her slave status and really wants to make a niche for herself within House of Galen. She is a scientist and soon finds herself tinkering with the local flora and bringing all sorts of neglected plants back to life. She soon engineers a better functioning med gel which is a wow with the gladiators. She is a little forthright in her mission to rescue her cousin from captivity and throws herself into trouble at every turn. She may say that she never wants to be put in a cage again but she seems to be set onto a self destruct mission to end back there in her hunt for her cousin!


Thorin has been hiding his “other” aide from all but Raiden it appears. He has a bit of an animal within, one that even his family did not seemingly want to accept. He is drawn to the feisty female scientist but she is determined to send him into a protective rage, she will insist on slipping the measures in place to keep her safe!

We see more of Kor Magna, the casinos and the very “vegasesque” atmosphere. Regan does take some getting used to. She can be a bit grating at times and for someone who has endured what she has, I get that she doesn’t want her cousin to endure the same treatment but she also seems to be unable to follow the simplest rules to keep her from falling back into the bad guys clutches!!!

Thorin is complicated and wonderful! He protects Regan as best he can but still feels unworthy of her – silly man!!! There’s very strong chemistry between the couple but it’s not as straightforward as some relationships. We also see glimpses of the enigmatic owner of the casino and we finally find out a hint of what Kace is up to!

I did think the man eating flora was a bit much but when in space anything goes. Open your reader, engage the peepers and disengage reality and enjoy!!!!