Family mystery going back 50 years, dastardly dealings over the site of a beach bar/restaurant and a FBI agent recovering from am injury – all make for a great story!!! Lincoln is nearing the end of his rehab and his stint as adhoc bartender at The Cage. When Charlie, the owner, is killed Lincs FBI instincts tell them there is something hinky with this pseudo suicide.


Samantha didn’t know of Charlie until after his death. Her grandmother is being awfully tightlipped and elusive. She never imagined that the estate would be worth so much. But…now she has shady land developers, embezzlement, money laundering and a firebug to thwart!!! She feels the chemistry with Linc but he’ll be leaving soon. Can she keep her heart out of their affair or will he be the biggest threat she faces!!

Well paced with a great setting )who doesn’t love the beach!!). Sam is skittish and Linc is unsure of his future so you can see why they’d both be wary of falling for each other. But is by no means an easy road for them and there are many misunderstandings and miscommunication between them.

Fab read!!