Catchup with the Lost and Found Crew! Nate and Kay and the baby are hoping for a company reunion at Christmas. But when a call comes in from an old friend needing help, they pack up the RV, grab some guys and head into the fray!!!


Clay has never really gotten over his lost love. When she returns to town to sell on her family ranch, they reconnect and the chemistry that never really died resurfaces at a fast pace.

Paige AKA Carol has committed career suicide and didn’t verify facts. She will never be that gullible again. She was never committed to the family ranch as she always thought her sister and her husband would be there to take care of it. But after his death Sue Ellen is off to a teaching post. But when they find out the corporation they are selling to has pulled some sneaky manoeuvres, they decide to halt the sale and suddenly they are beset by “accidents”.

Clay and Penny are young love who never really broke up, just drifted apart. They are both mature adults now and know what they want. The spark between them is bright! I loved meeting up with the L&F gang and I’m now totally in the holiday spirit!!