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November 2016

Dragon’s Maiden: Highland Dragon Romance by Michelle Fox

This is just up my alley, PNR, Dragons and set in Scotland (Well I am a proud Scot)!!! Queen Elizabeth may have killed off the dragons of Scotland and their mates, but as everyone knows Scots are a hardy bunch... Continue Reading →


Lost Lady of Thessaly (Lords of Thessaly, #6) by Rachael Slate

This is one of my favourite series and is a wonderful blend of mythology, PNR and romance. It plays on my little historian heartstrings and I love it when I know the myths, and characters involved. Iora and Alder are... Continue Reading →

In a Rangers Arms by Donna Michaels

A wonderful heart-tugging story of veterans making a new life for themselves, whilst still dealing with the various challenges they have brought with them from their former life. Stone, his brother Brick and two other friends bought his grandfather’s ranch... Continue Reading →

Strategic Vulnerability (Immortal Ops #4) by Mandy M. Roth

Oh how I love this world!!! Wilson is a bit of a mongrel DNA -wise. He has rat, tiger, wolf and even magical Fae blood running through him. When he meets Kim whilst they are both prisoners, he felt an... Continue Reading →

Pursuing the Bear (Shifter Wars #2) by Kerry Adrienne

Shifter War is about to break out and Bria is about to be sucked into a world she could never have imagined!!! Bria Lane may be a young professor but her university isn't exactly Harvard and her employment is more... Continue Reading →

Pursuing the Bear by Kerry Adrienne

PURSUING THE BEAR by Kerry Adrienne The Shifter Wars heat up when a woman investigates the mysteries surrounding a fierce breed of man and exposes more than just secrets Follow the tour November 28th – December 2nd and enter for... Continue Reading →

Blood Vow (Kyn Series # 1) by Mina Carter

Maria is a Dhampir and cossetted by her family. She may be 5ft and weighs the same as a wet kitten but she has feistyness in spades and she will kick Rogue butt to avenge her sisters death. But when... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Rising by Mia Hopkins

Feisty reporter vs. gruff cowboy—buckle up for a hard ride… Come back to the rodeo with Mia Hopkins and the newest release in the Cowboy Cocktail series, COWBOY RISING! Journalist Georgia Meyers is writing an article about MacKinnon Ranch in... Continue Reading →

Darkest Wolf (Westervelt Wolves #7) by Rebecca Royce

Rex Kane is a tortured hero! He feels that he has been labelled as a traitor by his family. He has had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he feels that nabbing... Continue Reading →

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