Connor Burrows has been hiding from his family for months. After letting it be known that he had felt every last minute of the assault on his twin at the hands of their old Alpha and his cronies, he skipped town and shielded himself from his telepathic link with his siblings and pack. He is now tiring of life on the road but he can’t quite let himself go home yet. When he takes a job working for a construction firm, the last thing he expected to find was his mate, a lone female wolf, struggling with her inner wolf and facing threats from many foes, not all of them strangers!


Bailey Clarke has always struggled to fit in. She is aggressive, mouthy and after her first shift went wrong, left with a very unhuman looking eye which she needs to hide from the rest of the town. Her hardnosed father is making her life a misery and now she is having trouble making some of their construction projects budgets balance. So why does she insist on letting this arrogant, Alpha man into her home and her life?

Connor is determined to heal his mate and educate her on what being wolf actually means. He’ll show her that her inner voice is nothing to be scared of and that SHE is what he wants, not some dainty, delicate female!

OOOOO I loved being back in this world! The final Connor siblings gets his HEA after the horrors he endured through his mental link with Caitlyn. He felt so unworthy and trapped, not able to help his twin and then unable to understand why she would have picked Ven as her mate! Bailey takes no prisoners but I love how she kinds comes undone in the presence of Connor! Gimme more pls!!!

I received an ARC of this story in return for an honest review.