Greg is by far the least likely IT guy!!! He’s tall, ripped, handsome and sizzlingly hot. But he enjoys his overwatch position, looking after the guys and watching their six. He seems to have an aversion to touching others. He also has some ingrained trust issues from his childhood which seem to have a hand in his no touch policy.


Scarlett may be the sister in law of his team mate but when she turns up on his window ledge (yup no doors for this girl!!!) he knows she is in deep trouble. Scarlett lusts after the tall drink of water that could go a long way to quenching her romantic thirst. But she is on the run from a demented alpha and doesn’t want to bring any more problems to their door. But when she realises that Greg is her mate, she knows he’s in this whether she wants him to be or not.

With hidden, traumatic childhood secrets and a problem with touching others, Greg is the epitome of mysterious! Scarlett is headstrong, loyal and has a streak of rebel a mile wild!! They are a great couple and the sparks really flew between them. The dialogue is snarky and witty. The secondary characters are all fleshed out properly and not just window dressing. I loved that even when the whole Scare-Bear situation is explained, Greg’s possessive streak was still evident around her friend!