Witches, demi-gods, demons and whole lot more supernatural skullduggery is afoot!


Khole may be a twin but she is the fly by the seat of your pants one! She’ll jump first and ask questions later but even she is left feeling a bit jumpy when she keeps sensing someone hovering around. It doesn’t feel malicious but after the previous kidnaps/mate muting that has gone down she is on high alert.

Jagger is a death demon but he is one of the good guys. He was given the task of looking after the Bradenton sisters but is forbidden to intervene unless they are in actual danger. When he spoils another kidnap attempt but Khloe is badly injured, he takes her to his own realm to heal her. As the story develops we see more of Jaggers background, his link to Hecate and why he is so drawn to Khloe…she is his mate!!!!

With lots of actions, nefarious plots and engaging characters, this is a real suck you in kind of read. I read it in one fell swoop after the “i’ll just read one more chapter” mantra – yeah right! 2hours later I’d read it all!!