It’s like Beauty and the Beast on steroids!! Gretchen is a Lamidae sister and her duty is to have meaningless sex with a troupe of men in the hope of spewing forth a squad of children so that the Seer’s visions become clearer and they can then track down more Protectors. Someone should maybe take a good look at Gretchen cos she is still a virgin and wants to stay that way. Unless of course she can get grumpy, brooding Alex to be her first.

Alex has enjoyed his daily visits with Gretchen in the library. He has been there as she grew from inquisitive child to beautiful woman. He’s not very happy when he realises that the Sisters are planning on basically forcing Gretchen to mate with some random human!

Rose, the Lamasseu leader of Sanctuary has a battle on her hands protecting her people from her former brother in law. She needs all the help she can get and understands that it may not be palatable but she needs the seers visions to be sharper.

Alex and Gretchen are magically marvellous. Alex may be 4000 yrs old but he is still a man and wants a mate. He just never envisaged who it would turn out to be! The Sisters are like a baby factory! I’d hate it there and I can so sympathise with Gretchen, she is being treated as a brood mare or womb for hire! I’m hoping that Xerxes will get his comeuppance soon cos I really need for him to have a bloody, long drawn out downfall!!