Holy Hawtness another smashing series!!! Declan is ex military (but not as ex as we think!) and now runs a foundation helping out in various war-torn, disaster zones, with humanitarian supplies and security. He still has issues from a past trauma and feels the need to constantly compensate for it. On a mission with his team in Paraguay he is helping flood victims when he meets and falls in parental love with a certain spunky 4 year old. She is his personal bright spot and he’ll do what he can to save her and her family.


Allison may have arrived with the Red Cross but she is Feeb and on the hunt for Declan, looking for information on the man who ruined his life, his nemesis Hal Rhalstead. She may be working off the clock but she has a real need to find Hal and put him out of business personally. Can these 2 alpha personalities work together, along with Declans team to find the bad guy?

Allison and Declan blaze a trail of sizzling chemistry. They both have issues they need to overcome but I almost burst out laughing at Allie response to Declans declaration that they were in a relationship! She brings a whole new meaning to skittish and he just screams caveman, he wants forever and he just has to get her to see things his way! They may get together over a short period of time but it is an intense period and they really get to know each others strengths and weaknesses.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the team meet their other halves. KC is gonna go down fighting when she opens her eyes and heart to one Alliance member I think!!!! Now waiting with bated breath for book 2!!!