Another fantastic new series to love!!! I mean Gladiators in Space!! How else could I feed my ancient history/sci fi loving nerdiness?!?!?!


Earth has only just started to explore at the closest planets. Harper has nothing left on Earth and she decides to feed her adventurous soul by working at a Space Station. She has a few friends on the station and she is happy enough with her life. But when a sporadic wormhole opens up and the station is attacked, she finds herself scooped up as a slave and sucked back through the wormhole.

She soon learns she’s about 200yrs from home and the planet she has been dumped on thrives on slavery and gladiatorial matches. She soon learns that there are some bright spots, such as the tall, brooding and down right lethal Raiden. He may be a slave but he still manages to wield power over her.

Kor Magna became Raidens prison/new home when his planet was exterminated by the same race that kidnapped Harper. House of Galen hides many secrets and not everything appears as it actually is. Raiden and his fellow gladiators seem more like family than competitors.

I get that Harper is a trained Marine and has a leg up against most others who were dropped into the arena but I just think she should have struggled more against more battle hardened and let’s face it other worldly fighting techniques. But otherwise this was absolutely smashing read. Harper and Raiden sizzle and the camaraderie he and the others in House of Galen share is fantastically well written. I loved the little vignettes of possible future books/characters to be discovered and that Harper may not be as alone in her human-ness as she thought!