Jennifer Carter had it all. She had wealth, looks and who she thought was a great boyfriend. But when he shows his true colours, he’s an energy stealing alien, Jennifer runs. She finds The IDA who can relocate her once she has picked a potential groom. But she is aware that the IDA is also an underground railway of sorts for females escaping the energy stealing Azurites.


Now named Opal, she lands in Bayou Springs, now looking less like the socialite she was and she hopes that she can stay under the radar. This little town has taken aliens to the heart and they are on everything! When she gets a less than warm welcome she wonders if she has down the right thing. Then she meets Zeke and everything, including her lady bits, perk up!!!

I loved this story! Energy stealing, power hungry bad guys and strong protective heroes. Zeke has his own tragic story and I loved hearing about him and Winnie. Lots of twists and there are treasonous goings on in the Bayou!!! Well paced and energetic. Can’t wait for more!!