First read by this author and I wasn’t disappointed! Set in the city of Sajra, it has a distinctly middle eastern feel I felt. Great exotic location for a new PNR populated by all the Big Cats! We learn that sometime ago a Panther Shifter killed the Rei (King) and now all Panthers are shunned and they live in pretty much destitution. Cara, a panther, has the misfortune of being in the market when the current Rei is killed and is quickly rounded up as the assassin.


Prince Kael, is enraged and assumes that the assassin was male but when confronted by Cara, he still imprisons her. When he later goes to release her, he would have been killed if not for Cara’s quick actions. When he takes care of her and later lets her go, Cara is very confused over what he wants from her. She is still fending off the advances of Rafe, a long time playmate but he does not set her body alight as Kael does. But he is the next in line for the throne and she is a peasant, she really shouldn’t hold out much hope that he’d return her feelings…or does he?

Great characters who grow throughout the book and adapt their opinions and long held beliefs. Great secondary characters like Danil and Corbin are also great at moving the story along. Traditions, treason and power grabbing all have their place in the downfall of one regme and the rise of a fairer, friendlier future!

Hoping for more in this world!