I didn’t realise that this was the 2nd book in an arc but I really enjoyed it and didn’t feel too much out of the loop as there was enough recap within to wrap my head around.


Harper has had a tough year or so. She lost her sister-in-law, dumped her boyfriend, returned to her hometown and had to watch as someone she regarded as a friend ripped her family apart from the inside. But more than that she has to deal with the fact that she may have been instrumental in giving information to the traitor.

Lucas Sullivan is a good cop, it’s all he knows but when he realised that his job would always come between him and Harper, he faltered. But when Harper dumped him, like a little lamb he followed her to NH, just so he could keep an eye on her. Now she is in the sights of the architect of an elaborate scheme, involving crooked cops, and she may no longer be safe. Lucas however knows where she will be safe, with him!!

I loved the fact that even though she was enmeshed in a family of cops, Lucas decided she couldn’t handle being a cops wife – what an idiot! But thankfully Harper is made of sterner stuff and she eventually makes her point. That said Harper had her share of the blame to shoulder by deciding to run before Lucas eventually left her, even though he had no plans on doing any such thing. COMMUNICATION people LOL! Strong story, engaging characters and I can’t wait for more. I’m going to go find book 1 and get caught up!!